What is an angel card reading?

You can best describe an angel card reading as a loving ‘conversation’ with the angels. An intuitive consultation in which your guardian angels and the archangels give you practical and very loving advice, on the things you want more clarity about. With my intuition and knowledge as an angel intuitive, I help you translate their uplifting and empowering messages!

Even if you do not have a specific question, trust that the angels know exactly what is happening in your life right now and what kind of information you are most helped with right now. Not in a fortune telling way, but more as loving advice with practical tips and empowering insights that help you to move forward! Just like an inspiring talk you could have with your best friend.

You will get more clarity about your current situation, the things you struggle with or feel uncertain about.
Often you will get advice on something that you already thought of yourself, but wasn’t sure about.
Sometimes you will get some loving insights about something you weren’t aware of yet, but you feel definitely that it ‘clicks’.
You’ll be amazed how spot on and precise the angels deliver you their messages, often brought to you with a sense of humor!
It’s often just that extra push you need to take the next step in your life, big or small.


What is it not?

People often feel a bit scared about a reading, what kind of information will they receive?
I can tell you in all honesty:
you will not get your future predicted, although the cards sometimes give you a tiny bit of advice that they feel helps you in the near future.You will never be condemned or reprimanded: the angels are a 100% pure love and want to help you to be your happiest self!Their sole purpose is to love and help us, to give their unconditional love and support. So actually, you’re doing them a huge favor when you ask for their help, so they can get to work!


What kind of questions can I ask?

Anything you need help with! Be it about work, career, health, love, relationships, family, friends, money, personal development, life purpose, spiritual growth, you name it: they are here to help you and give clarity.
I must tell you: my experience is that you not always get that specific answer you might have hoped for. It often happens that you get advice in a completely different area of ​​your life than you had a question about. because you need to know or be helped with in another area of your life first. the angels always provide you with a step by step plan and focus on the here and now first.So, they know that when you’ll receive insights into a certain area of your life first, you will move forward in other areas of your life as well.
Trust that the angels give you exactly the insights and advice that is most beneficial for you at this moment!

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