There are several options to receive the perfect support and guidance from the Light world, the choice is yours!

Angel card reading with 3 cards € 50

Angel card reading with 6 cards € 80

Angel card reading with 9 cards € 95

(Amounts include 21% VAT)

There are several options to receive the messages from the Light world:

  • I can do the reading from anywhere and record it for you, and send it to you as an audio file
  • I can sent the messages by email
  • We can talk to each other live through Skype or Facebook Messenger video

Are you curious about what the angels want you to know, what they can help you with? Click here to request an angel card reading.

Do you have a general question? Feel free to contact me!

You can choose the card deck I will work with. If you have a hard time choosing, I can choose for you 🙂

1. Archangel Michael
2. Archangel Power Tarot
NEW: Goddes Guidance
NEW: Keepers of the Light
3. Daily Guidance from your Angels

4. Life Purpose
5. Archangel Raphael Healing
6. Magical Mermaids and Dolphins
7. Magical Unicorns
8. Archangels
9. Messages from the Fairies
10. Romance Angels
11. Healing with the Angels (in Dutch)