Sigrid (Sweden)

Joanne is such a warm and lovely person! After my card reading I walked out of her house with a great feeling of support, happiness and calmness. I felt inspired and ready to take action in my life based on the guidance she gave me. The bigger picture of the reading made so much sense, some of the smaller signs I’m still waiting for to understand, with excitement!
I feel more secure in some of the bigger decisions I have made in life lately. Only positive things come from Joanne, her perspective of life and her way of looking at your cards/signs!


Jessica (Curacao)

Tijdens een rare tijd vol vrolijke, anticipatie-spanning gemengd met fysieke uitdagingen heeft Joanne Aurelia me er met liefde doorheen gecoacht.


Francisca (Nederland)

I had a reading with Joanne Aurelia in the summer and it was such an enriching experience. It was the first time I had done it and she was really comforting and good in explaining everything. Having a reading is such a positive experience: it re-enforces the things that you already were a bit aware of and opens you up to new ideas about yourself and your surroundings that you were not in tune with and unaware. I definitely suggest having a reading with her, it was such a soulful experience!


Marie (Finland)

Joanne is an amazing woman with many gifts. The reading was comforting and soothing and gave me the confirmations I needed.
Only listening to her calm loving voice is pure healing with or without her using the angel cards. I would highly recommend her!


Jessica (Bali)

I love this woman! My heart knew it wanted to connect with hers as soon as she spoke to me, but I was decompressing from a previous meeting.
The night before I met her I pulled a card from my own card deck and it read “angels and guides” reading that they wanted to speak to me.
The next day I went to get breakfast and Joanne and I talked for 5 minutes before we sat down and ate together. What a beautiful beautiful connection!
I feel so uplifted to have met this lady who read to me exactly what my heart and soul needed to hear.
Joanne is such a sweet Light, I would recommend highly to connect with her, for a reading, for guidance and for love.
I’m honored to know her and deeply grateful for her work <3


Valerie (Switzerland)

I had a reading done by Joanne and it was the first time I had ever done something similar. I really liked how she talked me through it and explained how it works.
She is very calming and follows her passion, at which she is excellent at. I did not know what to expect with the reading, but it really helped me to reflect on my thoughts and to take a decision, with which I am very happy.
I would definitely recommend Joanne as it was a very nice talk we had: I would return any time.


Vilia (Germany)

I came to Joanne with a skeptical mind and was rather driven by pure curiosity and some questions about my life.
But, the whole experience with her was magical and turned out to be very insightful, even transformative. I loved that Joanne is down-to-earth yet very passionate and experienced about her readings and she totally respected my skepticism.
I truly recommend meeting Joanne, especially for those who never had a card reading before. Be prepared to get emotional, to have fun and to leave with a new friend and an open heart.


Di (Australia)

Bali is the island where magical things happen. You meet people and then quite often you click and then through another mutual friend you find out about ‘angel card readings’.
My holiday has been about trying so many new experiences. So off I went with an open mind and heart.
Joanne explained how the reading works and YES it was a beautiful reading. I had such a positive connection with her, learnt so many things. I received a very accurate reading on where my life is headed and the opportunities that lie ahead.
I loved it and would certainly recommend Joanne, thank you for enlightening me!


Candice (Abu Dhabi)

What a wonderful reading from the lovely Joanne!! Such a sweet authentic and pure soul, she put me straight at ease and knew intuitively what kind of reading I was looking for.
Having had various readings over the years its often a case of ‘picking out’ the relevant aspects of what comes through. But with Joanne and her angel cards it was all so relevant…
I was quite emotional at one point as the cards seem to turn over in perfect order.
My thanks for an uplifting couple of hours with what felt like an old friend. I was so happy to have that connection with the angels through her. Namaste!


Debbie (USA)

What a lovely soul Joanne is and so gifted!
I’m not a firm believer of readings, but I came by an indication of a dear one. It was Joanne’s energy and her reading that helped guide me through a strenuous time. Her guidance led me to unlock my inner self and reconnect with my inner strength. Her beautiful and uplifting reading and calm demeanor take you to a higher level of introspection, meditation, and self-evaluation, allowing you to reach within and unblock your ego. A true self-elevation!


Julia (England)

I have had quite a few readings from Joanne Aurelia, I have never had readings before. To be honest, before having these readings from Joanne Aurelia I was sceptical. However, I always feel that she has resolved something.
I love the messages she gives and her warmth and light.