Born in 1978, I grew up as a high-sensitive girl in the countryside of in the North of the Netherlands, where I enjoyed a childhood with lots of outdoor life. I was a shy girl who often stared into the distance being in her own world.
In puberty I overcame this shyness and after high school I chose to study Social Psychology: I just loved people and all human behavior fascinated me.

Soon after finishing university, I discovered a second passion: travelling. During a nine-month backpack journey I fell in love with Latin America and once I was back in the Netherlands, I became a tour guide, so I never had to stop exploring the world.
I have seen and experienced beautiful places all over the world and continue to do so, but now in a different form.

Since the first of May 2017 I no longer have a permanent home; I am now living my life as a so-called digital nomad. I call my new lifestyle “intuitive traveling”, trying to follow my heart that tells me each moment where in the world I need to be, to live and enjoy my life for a certain amount of time. I started this intuitive journey with living in Bali for six months in May 2017, after that Holland again and then? I hope Hawaii will be my next destination.

The road to happiness

Intuitive travelling is not only a physical journey but also an inner one. On this inner journey I have already travelled quite a few kilometers.

For a large part of my life I felt hostage of negative thoughts, fears and resistances. I wasn’t clinically depressed, but I always thought: this simply cannot be how life’s meant to be. I simply refused to accept this suffering. And so, I started searching.

In this search, I have done a lot of things to find and experience more inner happiness. Many books and courses about the role of the ego/mind, the meaning of life, spirituality, intuition, personal development, empowerment etc have crossed my path.

With every course I took, with every book I read, I was convinced: this is going to change everything, after this I am finally and really going to be happy!
To found out each time: this is not how it works.

After all the inner kilometers I travelled, I learned that this search for happiness is actually a lifelong awareness of consciousness. And that life sometimes gives us challenging situations, only so that we can make a big leap in our (spiritual) growth. But also only when we are ready: everything happens at exactly the right time, even if the ego does not always agree with that.

sun, light


In 2013 the spiritual phenomenon of Oneness entered my life, only three days before my mother was hospitalized in a critical condition. Her recovery as well as my own spiritual development can be called miraculous by the energy of Oneness. This Oneness energy felt so good that I decided to spend a month at the Oneness University in India in 2015.

I came back as a different person. Of course, I still had an ego, but his influence on my life and especially my willingness to let it rule my life, has permanently shifted.
I left behind a lot of old belief patterns, heaviness and resistance in India. Since then, I feel a lot lighter and way more positive, which I am so so grateful for!

As is often the case, big changes never come alone. At the end of the same year I went to India, my relationship ended after nine years. It was a mutual decision made with both our consent, but it still caused a lot of grief.
Shortly after that my energetic system shed yet another layer that didn’t serve me any more: I left my job with an almost burn-out,

Probably not coincidentally, in this same turbulent period the angels introduced themselves to me. They guided me and gave me support, practical knowledge and help, which I still experience every day.

I read and learned everything I could found about them and followed the training to become a certified angel card reader by Doreen Virtue. Later I also learned IET: Integrated Energy Therapy, a powerful healing method that works with angel energy.

We are all made of Light

I strongly believe in the power of positivity. But, I am not a saint and am also only human, who gets frustrated, grumpy or sad sometimes.

Whenever that emotional part wants to be heard, I try to find out which pain lies underneath: what is the message it wants to tell me? Sometimes it is obvious, other times I need to dig a little bit deeper.

The one thing this spiritual journey called “life” has taught me, is that we are all already perfect.
We all have an intense light within us that is authentic and only wants to shine as brightly as it can. Because that is the only thing it is here for. It cannot not do that.

So, the more we are in touch with our inner light, the lighter our lives will be. We feel more joy, we know and live our passion and will act more and more from our hearts instead of from the fear of the sweet ego.

And while each and every one of us lives his or her authentic light, we naturally also instill love and light into the hearts of others, so that they too, remember their unique light.

The fact that life is not always easy, makes it even more valuable to be able to see the positive aspects, especially in the darker moments. In my view, that is where inner growth lies. Even if we can’t see the light, then that’s still okay. We just breathe and go forward, minute by minute, moment by moment, without (self) judgement.

I lovingly and strongly advise you to always follow your own inner compass with everything that you read, here or anywhere. There is no such thing as THE truth: you have your own truth.
I share my truth in blogs and in Facebook posts and live videos.
Please only take in what resonates and ignore the rest: we each walk our own path and have our own truth.

Aurelia means ‘golden’ and is a name given to me at birth. I do what I can to make my golden Light shine bright and help you to remember yours.

Will you shine with me?

In Light and Love,

Joanne Aurelia